While choosing a customizable pre-made template is your fastest way to a live site, if you are in need of a custom responsive template or site design from scratch, we can help! We follow a detailed process flow chart for BiZDEV STUDiO's collaborateive design with you, that takes us as a team, from gathering your website design requirements to building and launching it! Download our project flow chart here:

Project Process Flowchart Project Process Flowchart (720 KB)

SEO Setup Checklist SEO Setup Checklist (97 KB)


  • Premium Development

    We develop your site using a front-end Framework like Foundation, a collection of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript containing design patterns that we build on. Using a framework like this not only helps us to write better code, it keeps us from rewriting the same code over and over again, leading to a quicker launch of your site.

  • retina ready

    Our Retina ready graphics (higher resolution) will display sharper images and brighter, more vivid colors on your iPad or other Retina display device.

  • super flexible

    Your website works great on multiple devices including desktop and laptop computers, tablets, and mobile phones because we use a responsive framework that utilzes CSS media queries and a mobile-first approach. This means we can create unique designs for a variety of screen sizes, ensuring a smooth experience no matter the device.


Fill out the following quick form and we'll get back to with a proposal within 1 - 2 days. If you are migrating your existing site over to our online business platform, we will migrate your site within 24 hours.

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