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Web Maintenance and Hosting

Web Maintenance <span>and Hosting</span>

We offer three hosted solutions, $19/mo for the Basic Plan, $39/mo for the Standard (most popular) and Power Plan, and $69/mo for the Max Plan which includes all the bells and whistles.

Now, you may be thinking..."But $69 a month is too expensive! I can host my website at bluehost or even GoDaddy for less than eight dollars a month". When we hear this at BiZDEV STUDiO, our answer is, "that's right, but the nightmare of maintaining a custom solution is more expensive."

If you only have hosting, and not BiZDEV STUDiO's web maintenance and hosted solution benefits, how much is your email marketing, online shop, customer database, and customer service ticketing system going to cost you per month? Put together a solution like this, you would need a subscription to an email marketing platform like Constant Contact or MailChimp, a Customer Database Management platform like Salesforce, an online shop like WIX, Squarespace or Shopify, and a Customer service ticketing platform like Zendesk. All of those platforms pieced together is roughly $130/mo value! And you get all those platforms built in with Max Plan, for only $69/mo!

We are delivering you unmeasurable and uncomparible value. What price would you put on the time you will save not having to fix compatibility issues with several different platforms, not having to worry about security patches, time wasted installing upgrades, and the headache of having to use several logins and passwords?


The Benefits of Our Web Maintenance and Hosted Solutions

You'll want to check out the packages above to see exactly what each one includes, but no matter what package you choose- what all of our hosted solutions mean for you is:

  • Zero Maintenance
  • No Compatibility Issues
  • Constant (and transparent) Software Upgrades
  • Pay-As-You-Go
  • Don't Deal With the Tech, Focus On Your Business!

Sign up for our managed hosted solutions today so you can stop wasting time with the tech, and get back to what matters, your business!

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