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Web Application

Web <span>Application</span>

Web Apps Built to Manage Your Websites Content

Each web app we build for your website is a self-contained database which can contain any number of different value fields that you wish to enter, display, categorize and search. By incorporating our custom web applications into your website, you will have complete flexibility in developing any number of interactive features that harmonize perfectly with your workflow and online business.

Custom web apps can hold any type of content you can imagine. For example, we can create a web app that is specifically designed to display the members of your company's sales team. We might call the web app "Sales Team Members", and the data that the mini database contains could be the team members name, title, email address, bio and profile photo. After defining these values above, we can then create the web app items, which populate each database record with the specific data for each team member. For example, here's the data for an individual team member item: name= John Smith, title= Vice President of Sales, email= jsmith@company.com, bio= "John Smith is passionate about technology and finding the best communication solutions for your business. In 2009, John won the outstanding excellence award for mobile and telecommunication experts." Once the web app is built and items are entered, this content can be displayed, categorized, filtered and searched for on your site in many different ways. Each web app generally contains two views, a list view, and a detail view. The list view will display a list of all items in the web app, usually just the most critical data, as in this case, perhaps the name and title. A user could click on the name to drill down into the detail view, which would display all of the web app items information. Each view would be styled to match your site and brand.

We created a similar web app for the BiZDEV STUDiO website called "Our Staff". With this web app, we can add new staff members to the "Our Team" section of our site, or edit existing team members.

When adding or editing a staff member, we use the web app to quickly enter the team members information.  All of these fields can be customized for any kind of web app.

After entering the information into the field, and clicking update, the "Our Team" section of the site is automatically updated with the new team member.

This is just a small example of how we can develop custom web apps to expand the functionality of your site, and make managing your sites content a breeze!


Google Web Apps

We also specialize in Google Apps Scripts development. This means we can customize your google web apps for your specific business needs. For example, we recently customized a google spreadsheet that tracks vacancies and leads for a multi-family real estate management firm. The spreadsheet tracks vacancies across multiple properties, leads and conversion rates. It automates notification emails to the marketing manager, field supervisor, rental manager, etc., based on specific criteria within the report. It even automates the production of documents related to the vacancy such as a turn-over project management document and ties into live charts via Google Data Studio.


Let us simplify your workflow and complex business processes with web applications!

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