Why Do I Need a Good Logo for My Start-Up Company?

Why Do I Need a Good Logo for My Start-Up Company? - blog post image
  • Gregg Christofferson
  • February 17, 2017
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  • Posted 4 years ago

You may not realize it yet, but a logo for your start-up company is a very big deal. Think about it long and hard. What would McDonald’s be without their famous golden arches when your junk food cravings hit you? What about Nike with its sweeping check mark that calls at you after you ate that Big Mac and need to pound the pavement to burn it off?

It’s amazing how some companies, that are starting out, feel like they should cut corners when it comes to their logo design. A logo design is your key identifier and helps your customers understand who you are and what you do. A good logo could even help you build a rapport with clientele and make your company have an appearance of an enterprise that is professional and established. Check out these reasons why you need a good logo for your start-up company.

Good Logos Identify, Helps You Remember and Understand the Brand

Good logos are distinctive and immediately remind the customer who you are and what you do. Again take a look at McDonald’s and Nike. They used symbols that are absolutely meaningless to a fast food chain and a sporting goods store. These two brands have had the time and the money to build a link with their logos to their customers. Take McDonald’s out of the picture and those golden arches would mean zip to anybody, especially somebody on an empty stomach. Thanks to clever marketing strategies, these logos have become clues for customers to identify the brand. Start-ups can’t afford the funding that goes into these types of logo associations. Therefore, a logo that clearly points out what the company represents and does is a better option.

A Logo Should Boost Your Brand Message and Engage Potential Customers

Reinforcing your brand message through your logo takes some deep thought. Before you sit down with a graphic designer you have to consider what you want to communicate about you company. Are you serious and conservative or light-hearted and fun? How are you unique or even better than your competitors? Who is your target audience? When you have mulled over these questions, you will build a better logo.

Your Logo Should Be Easy to Read and Unique

A logo is no longer just on a storefront window. Expect to place your logo everywhere from T.V. computers, mobile devices, billboards, magazines etc. So your logo needs to stand out in any size, especially digitally. When you have created your logo, make sure it’s easy to read on any resolution and screen size. Be careful of color schemes, because too many colors can affect printing costs and might not work well with some mediums. Also, stay clear from clip art and templates. You want your logo to stand out, so how can it be unique when other companies have the same brand identifier?

Make sure you choose a logo that you will be happy with for years to come. A good logo should be able to grow, build trust and awareness, while you gain respect and integrity with your customers through your venture. Keep in mind that from here on out, all of your business activity starts with your logo.

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