• Basic setup and walk-through of Facebook and Twitter accounts

    Your website design package includes links/icons to your current social media accounts. Social media marketing is critical to your online marketing strategy. If you do not have any current social media accounts, do you need help setting up Facebook and Twitter for your business?

    Besides setting up your account, we can do some advanced set-up and customization. Facebook and Twitter have dozens of settings that can be optimized for your business. In addition, your website blog can be setup to syndicate posts to your Twitter and Facebook accounts, thus eliminating the time it would take you to manually post stories and links to your blog on each site. Would you like to automatically syndicate your blog posts to Facebook or some other advanced customization? We can help! Just check the option for advanced customization and we'll be in touch with you within 24 hours to start customizing your setup.

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    Do you need advanced customization? (additional $500)
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